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February 18th, 2023

Kathy Osborn’s Studio and her Vintage Dollhouse Models

Kathy Osborn’s newest paintings are currently on view at SEFA NYC!

The exhibition Posturing pairs Osborn’s work with the paintings of Bradley Wood. The show is on view through March 25th at our Lower East Side location. More information and images can be found online on SEFA’s website.

Below are some of the amazing images from Osborn’s studio!

The artist is based in Hudson, New York (a neighbor of SEFA’s Upstate Gallery). These studio images depict the dollhouses and figures that Osborn collects in her studio and uses as reference material, all located in her Hudson home.

Osborn collects vintage dollhouses from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Her home is a veritable menagerie of the era and genre.

The artist arranges and then lights each scene with care and intention. The compositions of her paintings capture the interactions and / or the self-reflection of the figures within—instilling a cinematic quality in her works.

SEFA is proud to have featured Osborn’s work in NYC and Upstate. Currently, her new paintings are on view at SEFA in the LES.

Come by to see Posturing at our new location at 190 Orchard Street!