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January 28th, 2023

Video Tour – “Surpassing Structure” at SEFA Hudson – Mike Childs & James Isherwood

The exhibition Surpassing Structure is currently on view at SEFA Hudson through February 19, 2023. This show features recent paintings and works on paper by Mike Childs and James Isherwood.

James has worked with SEFA for many years, and Mike is new to the SEFA artist family. Mike so kindly filmed a video tour of the exhibition! You can check out their works in the space and get to know the artists with this link here:

The practices of Childs and Isherwood are shaped by the outdoor landscapes and the architectural structures that fit within them. Both artists observe, interpret and abstract naturalistic vistas and geometric forms into rich, vivid imagery. They are known for their paintings that depict bold hues and patterns—primarily rendered in acrylic.

At SEFA Hudson, their works are displayed on opposite sides of the Gallery in order to highlight the techniques and the subjects specific to each artist. Childs grounds the exhibition with his colorblock shapes, his lattice formations, his textured surfaces. Isherwood bursts into the space with his swirling fuschia and navy mountains, his golden and violet skies, his precise pathways leading to majestic structures.

Together, they invent environs that marry man-made and natural elements. Their structures evoke architecture; rather than suggesting places one could inhabit, they instead hint at a hybrid of industrial and residential forms. Childs finds inspiration in the train tracks, roads and bridges outside his South Bronx studio; and Isherwood from high end real estate publications that market luxury homes in far-flung resort towns.

For more information about Surpassing Structure, please visit out website: