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July 8th, 2019

A Studio Visit with Gail Winbury

Today I was making a few studio visits around New Jersey and had the pleasure of seeing new work by artist Gail Winbury. Her work is beautiful and expressive and manages to shift between figurative abstraction and pure abstraction. To see more of Winbury’s work, visit her website here.

In the most recent works, she has returned to the figure…As with her color, it might be argued that reference to the body had never really disappeared from her lexicon. It was just obscured, fragmented, encrypted, waiting to be reinstated, as part of a revolving, selected vocabulary that shifts emphasis. And she is also returning to color in a triumphant blaze of eye-catching hues, including the reds, oranges and pinks that she loves..But each of the paintings always holds her essential premises, founded on uncertainty and intangible longings, on the complexity of the human condition. How she might continue to find eloquent means to express this is her quest, one that is always in progress.

— excerpt from a 2016 article by Lilly Wei