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May 28th, 2023

Artist Talk – Katharine Dufault with Tanja Grunert

SEFA Hudson was pleased to present an artist talk and closing reception for Refracted Wilderness on Saturday, May 27th at SEFA Hudson. This conversation was between our featured artist Katharine Dufault and notable gallerist Tanja Grunert. In their discussion, they explore the genesis and execution of Dufault’s landscapes—from her initial inspiration on her daily walks in the Berkshires, to her processes in the studio of manipulating oil paint.

For a video recording of the talk, please visit SEFA’s YouTube page; the talk between Dufault and Grunert is available online here.


This is the final weekend to see Refracted Wilderness in Hudson. This exhibition displays paintings by Katharine Dufault and Michael Wright, on view through May 28th. Refraction is the bending of light that makes seeing, thus creative vision, possible. Both Dufault and Wright abstract their surrounding landscapes, from the sunsets of Berkshires to the mountains Santa Fe. These paintings of natural scenes are based on the artists’ observations, and moreover their impressions and memories.

SEFA is honored that gallerist Tanja Grunert, with both local and international recognition, moderated this artist talk. Her eponymous gallery is located at 21 Prospect Avenue in Hudson, NY.