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Deborah Freedman, Protracted Silence 23 (2020), Acrylic on paper, 40″ x 40″
September 15th, 2021

“Protracted Silence” by Deborah Freedman

My paintings are a response to the political and environmental disasters that have happened.

This series depicts the disorder and chaos and turmoil in our sky and sea.

The title comes from a poem by Wassily Kandinsky from his epic poem, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”.

The protracted silence is the calm in the storm, the eye in the storm. So even though I’m depicting bedlam and chaos, every painting has a passage of calm or silence.

This is my “protest art”. I’m not a scientist. I only know how to paint, so I’m painting my distress about this disruption.

Kandinsky said “each picture has a lifetime in prison, a lifetime of fear, doubt, hope and joy”. He asked us “what is the message?” and his answer was “harmony”. The artist’s task is to harmonize. So, in a way, my mission has been to harmonize this bedlam with what I hope is composition, beauty, color, energy, and paint.

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