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August 27th, 2021

Barbara Marks & Joe Sultan in conversation at SEFA Hudson

In conjunction with its current exhibition and The Hudson Eye festival—Susan Eley Fine Art,

Hudson will host a conversation between artists Barbara Marks and Joe Sultan on Thursday,

September 2nd at 2pm. Aaron Levi Garvey, chief curator of The Hudson Eye, will foster a

dynamic discussion between the painter and the sculptor.



Recent artworks by Marks and Sultan are on view at SEFA Hudson through October 3rd—the

first exhibition for each artist with the Gallery. This presentation interweaves Marks’

intimately-scaled paintings of abstracted vistas with Sultan’s architectonic wooden sculptures.

Together, their works explore and expand relationships between color and form, and

interpretations of space and dimensionality, by transforming the structures and landscapes

surrounding us. For more information on the exhibition and available artworks, visit


RSVP requested (but not required) for the event with Marks, Sultan and Levi on September

2nd. Please email to RSVP, or with any questions. Face mask

required for all visitors at SEFA Hudson.



Barbara Marks is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in the New Haven, CT area. Marks

creates sumptuous, multicolored compositions that evolved from the lineage of both traditional

landscape painting and modernist abstraction. On view at SEFA Hudson, the paintings from

Marks’ series “Painting[s] from Recollection” are rendered in her characteristic square shape,

and they comprise a visual record of places that she has visited. Upon closer

observation—walls, angles and perspective lines—interiors and landscapes—emerge. Viewers

find themselves teetering into curious, liminal spaces between abstraction and representation,

where reality slips into dream states.


Joe Sultan was trained as an architect and currently lives and works in Germantown, NY.

Literally rooted in the nature of the Hudson Valley—the artist builds his sculptures with sticks

and branches that he hand-cuts from fallen trees and logs. He uses a chainsaw and chisels to

mine for the forms within each piece of wood, and next begins the additive part of his process:

connecting and intertwining the fragments together to create sculptures that are sensitive to

space—how it is enclosed, defined and balanced. On view at SEFA Hudson, Sultan’s skeletal

sculptures are not to be looked at, but rather looked through.



Susan Eley Fine Art, Hudson is pleased to participate as a headlining gallery in The Hudson

Eye festival, taking place from August 27 to September 6, 2021.


The Hudson Eye is an artist-driven 10-day public program and urban showcase, with a focus

on dance, music, performance, film and visual art. This program—presented by the Jonah

Bokaer Arts Foundation and arranged by curator Aaron Levi Garvey—aims to celebrate the arts

community in Hudson, New York and help stimulate creativity and connectivity. Core features of

The Hudson Eye include its roster of headlining galleries, live performances, and daily panels

highlighting issues of interest to the local community.


For more information on featured galleries and artists and the full festival schedule, visit