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Opening of Uncommon Ground: Susan Eley Fine Art; Carole Eisner; Curator Cheryl Sokolow
June 24th, 2021

Peconic Land Trust Partners With C Fine Art On “Uncommon Ground IV”

By Nicole Barlyski

The Peconic Land Trust’s Bridge Gardens has tapped curator Cheryl Sokolow to helm a spectacular sight at the 5-acre Bridgehampton gardens. Uncommon Ground IV, a contemporary outdoor sculpture exhibition, will encompass pieces from 14 internationally recognized sculptors, including Kevin Barrett, Norman Mooney, Bill Barrett, Joel Perlman, Hans van de Bovenkamp, Richard Heinrich, Robert Perless, Alex Barrett, Gino Miles, Carole Eisner, Harry S. Gordon, David Hayes, Steve Zaluski, and Peter Rosenthal.

“The artists and I see Bridge Gardens as truly a beautiful place and our intention is to provide another dimension from which the visitor will view the natural environment,” said Cheryl Sokolow, C Fine Art Director. “All the work selected is organic in nature; and each sculpture relates uniquely to the physical and psychological aspects of the garden. We are thrilled to have Bridge Gardens as our home this summer and look forward to working with John, Rick and the Trust to showcase not only the works of art, but the garden to new and hopefully loyal visitors.”

The last time Bridge Gardens presented Uncommon Ground, which explores the relationship between nature and art, was in 2011. For this iteration, an organic aesthetic was the focus. The 20 plus sculptures are fashioned from a variety of materials such as metal, stone, marble, and wood.

“In working with Cheryl and the artists, we found a wonderful balance between the gardens intrinsic beauty and the sculptures natural elegance. The gardens and artwork have a wonderful balance and complement each other – and give the gardens a new dimension and point of reference for both the new visitor as well as our loyal garden members,” said Rick Bogusch, Bridge Gardens Garden Director.


Uncommon Ground IV will be on view Saturday, June 26 through Labor Day 2022.

Bridge Gardens is located at 36 Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton. For more information, visit

For additional information about Eisner & images of her works, please visit her website and her SEFA artist page.

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