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Lisa Fellerson in her studio
December 20th, 2019

HouseofCoco interviews Lisa Fellerson


Lisa Fellerson discovered her talent for fine art back in 4th grade, clearly being a creative was in her blood and it’s no surprise that she has built a successful career on the back of it.

Here, we chat to Lisa to find out more about her creativity, plans for the future and what she likes to do for fun…

Tell us about the journey that lead you to becoming an artist?
At this point in my life I’m just starting to understand it. As a child I remember that I could get lost in making something. I loved it. But I had an interesting, what I consider a Divine intervention that really led me to painting. After my second year in college at age 19, I decided to road trip to Los Angeles with a friend who was moving there. I ended up staying a year before returning to graduate. During this year in L.A., I really discovered how much I loved art, creative people, and the creative process. I just aligned with it and I knew it was my path. When I returned to college I immediately enrolled in the Fine Art program. I painted 8 hours a day and never wanted to leave the studio. I love everything about paintings, from the feel of a brush hitting a canvas, to buying supplies, to setting up the studio, to waiting for the best natural light to enter my studio. I feel even closer to painting to this day.

Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?
Yes, I would be less hard on myself and understand creativity is all over the place and can be messy and sometimes frustrating. This is part of it. Eventually you will produce work you will love. I look back at paintings I did in my 20s and see how they were leading me to where I am now with my work. I can now look back with gratitude and a smile.

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