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May 29th, 2019

SEFA hosts Vica Miller Literary Salons’ Mother’s Day Readings

Susan Eley Fine Art had the opportunity to host Vica Miller’s Literary Salons’ 10th Anniversary celebration on May 16! The important occasion coincided with Mother’s Day and three different authors read pieces about mothers and motherhood.

The night began with Lynn Steger Strong, reading an essay The Same Story About My Mom, from the anthology What My Mother And I Don’t Talk About (Simon & Schuster, 4/2019). Rumaan Alam read from his new novel That Kind of Mother (Ecco, 3/2018) and the night finished with Melissa Rivero reading from her debut novel The Affairs of the Falcóns (Ecco, 4/2019).

Miller, Steger Strong, Alam and Rivero

Image Credit: Vica Miller Literary Salons