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January 18th, 2018

Gallery Girl Reviews “All Her Number’d Stars”

Lizzy Collier of Gallery Girl wrote a wonderful review of Jason Noushin’s solo show, All Her Number’d Stars. The article touches on the major narrative themes in Noushin’s work and the bridging of Iranian and western cultures.

“All of the work is multilayered. The paintings aren’t just paintings, they are collages, not only fusing together cultures, but materials too: paint, magazines, newspapers, linen. The final images look flat, but in reality the work is much deeper than what is reflected on the surface. The same ethos is carried through to Noushin’s sculptural work. Upon his birds Hawk Roosting, (2017) and The Hawk In the Rain, (2017), he has painted their bodies and embellished them with text. The majority of the lyrics encrusted on top of his works are written in Persian. However, despite Iran being known as the birthplace of such literary figures as Rumi and Omar Khayyam, the Farsi text is actually the representation of the transliterated words of British writers like Keats, Shelley and of course, Milton.”

All Her Number’s Stars is on view now thru February 22

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