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September 2nd, 2023

SEFA in The Hudson Eye Festival

SEFA is proud to participate in The Hudson Eye festival in summer 2023!

The exhibition fission / fusion will be on view at our Hudson gallery featuring sculptures by David L Bullis and paintings by Carole Eisner. The exhibition is on view from August 31-October 15, 2023 with an opening reception on Saturday, September 2nd.

There will be a panel discussion on Sunday, September 3rd at 4PM feature Carole Eisner, Jeremy Bullis and Susan Eley that will be moderated by local gallery Ellen D’Arcy Simpson. The talk does a deep dive into the works of Bullis and Eisner, as well as explores the effects of having an “artist parent.” Attendance is free; please join us at SEFA Hudson (433 Warren Street).

Read more about The Hudson Eye festival and the fission / fusion exhibition below.




The Hudson Eye is an artist-driven 10-day annual public program and urban showcase, with a focus on dance, music, performance, film and visual art. This annual program, presented by the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation and arranged by locally-born curator Aaron Levi Garvey, aims to celebrate the arts community in Hudson and help stimulate creativity and connectivity. The Hudson Eye partners with local venues and also features daily “Hot Topics” talks that are free and open to the public, hosted by guest speakers whose professional affiliations represent the diversity of Hudson.

Following 16 years of careful activity in Hudson fostering existing and new citizens alike, in all our local, state, national, international, and economic diversity: Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation successfully launched The Hudson Eye in partnership with 34 Artists, 27 Venues, 6,000+ Diverse Attendees, Collectors, Communities, Volunteers, Small Businesses-and underground Hudson Nightlife.

In dialogue with our local Artists and Partners, we have sustainably catalyzed an artist-driven program which will be mounted in Hudson annually, to build and strengthen our communities through contemporary performance & art celebrating artists that, like Jonah, have a long-standing commitment to the City of Hudson while also recognizing the next generation of artists who have chosen to call Hudson their home.

We work deeply at all levels of the city to consider what it means to be part of the Hudson community fabric, and looked inward at our own relationship to the region over the past 10 years. The Hudson Eye was born – to be shared annually in partnership. The Hudson Eye is an annual 10-day public program and urban showcase, artist-driven, with a focus on Dance, Music, Performance, Film, Visual Art, Dining Out, and Nightlife during the final week of August, running through Labor Day weekend, as a celebratory close to Hudson’s two peak tourism weekends of the summer.




SEFA Hudson presents a two-person exhibition featuring David L. Bullis and Carole Eisner entitled fission / fusion. The artists are both painters and sculptors. Their multifaceted practices are highlighted in this show. Bullis’ colorful mobile sculptures are suspended from the ceiling, casting shadows as they turn. They are paired with Eisner’s colorful, abstract paintings, whose geometric elements buzz and energize the color fields they inhabit.

The concepts of fission and fusion are well known in scientific communities as atomic reactions that produce energy. Fission is characterized by the splitting of atoms, while fusion is the joining. Both forces work in tandem to achieve powerful effects. They need to break in order to bind. Similarly, Bullis’s sculptures and Eisner’s paintings multiply their force when presented together in this exhibition, abstracting reality to rebuild better.