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May 15th, 2020

Francie Hester in ‘VIRTUAL VOLTA’ #1


A curated online art gallery through VOLTA’s website, social media and newsletter. A focused view of essential works from VOLTA’s 2019 and 2020 editions, all available to collect. Until the art world meets again in “real-time”, we proudly promote artists and their galleries to the VOLTA community.


Francie Hester, Vessel B-20 (2020), Acrylic paint and wax on acrylic glass, 36″ diameter


The introduction of plexiglass as a medium further allowed Francie Hester to push the limits of transparency and layering. Acrylic glass provides an appropriate surface for her rigorous practice of applying paint, sanding, layering and reapplying paint. Each textured surface reveals the hidden layers of paint that came before. As if producing a textile, the artist seems to have found a way to weave color, pushing and pulling it through an entire painting, looking for the confluence of disparate elements and finding fluid rhythm and visual harmony.

“My work over the past decade has explored the sequencing of time – how seemingly random or disjointed events form patterns that crystallize time. The gentle arc of the Vessels creates a space for reflection, contemplation, healing and remembering. Thought, time and memory come together as a collective.”


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