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Jen Davis, “Untitled No. 62” and “Untitled No. 57” Installation image ©Alex Blaiotta
April 28th, 2016

Musée Magazine Interviews “Dwelling” Curator Alie Smith

Musée Magazine interviewed curator Alie Smith about the group show Dwelling, currently on view at SEFA.

Smith discusses the driving concepts behind Dwelling, and how she and the other artists in the show relate to intimate spaces:

“Precarity plays a large role in women’s relationships to intimate spaces. In my own experience, I have always found great comfort and security in retreating to intimate spaces – to decompress, regain energy, contemplate, and feel a certain sense of control over a place I had made into my own. However, they can also be home to past traumas, both collective and personal, especially for women. We are conflicted with the notion of the interior being a safe space, while it historically and maybe personally can represent oppression, confinement, or even fear. I think we are pressured to view much of what we experience in binaries, but so much exists in this precarious grey area.”

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