Quattro by Carole Eisner
Carole Eisner, Quattro (1987), Acrylic on Canvas, 70 x 57 inches


Figurative Paintings by Carole Eisner, Kentaro Hiramatsu, Emily LaCour, Silvina Mamani, Kathy Osborn, Nan Ring, Steve Singer, Ruth Shively and Barbara Strasen

August 20 – September 20, 2020 | Opening Reception: August 22, 2020
I’ve missed the nearness of friends, the tenderness of being hip-to-hip on the couch. Our bodies help us understand so much of our experience. And so many of their ways of understanding are no longer allowed. This is not to mourn another loss in a season of loss, though it is a loss. This is to encourage relishing the tactile that we are allowed.

The forearms we can squeeze, the pillow we can collapse back into, the salt or fresh or pool water that can hold up our whole body, even if only for the shortest dip.

-- The Lightning Notes, Caitie Whelan, July 30, 2020