Herd by Maria Passarotti
Maria Passarotti, Herd (2007), C-Print, 28.25 x 35 inches


Charles Buckley, Rachel Burgess, James Isherwood and Maria Passarotti

June 11 – July 24, 2020 | Opening Reception: June 11, 2020
Online Exclusive Exhibition
Curated by Emily Miraglia

“The United States of America is such a glorious mess of contradiction, such a crazy quilt of competing themes, such a fecund mishmash of people and ideas, that defining us is pretty much pointless. There is, of course, a kind of faded notion of "Americana", one that concerns Route 66, diners, freak rock formations, and the like—but even in its halcyon days this "roadside attraction" version of America was never an accurate or nuanced distillation of our massively complicated culture. There are scenes and places, wattages and personages, that belong—inextricably, unmistakably—to this country alone. There is an American quality, a tone, an energy...instantly recognizable..."

-- Hampton Sides, American historian